The ChemSoft DMS (Document Management System) application is the solution to all your document management needs. The system provides all the necessary facilities to allow you to efficiently store, search and retrieve all your Safety Data Sheets from suppliers – in fact any documents you wish.

The program itself is incredibly flexible whilst allowing you to completely customise the way you reference and search your documentation. As standard, the system comes with the following predefined document reference types: -

Product Code

CAS Number


UN Number

Supplier Name

This list can be added to at any time to include any reference types you may require (such as Supplier Code, Warehouse Location, Colour, Risk Phrases etc).

The system also has a built in Scanning facility (TWAIN compliant) to also allow you to electronically store, search and retrieve your existing paper based documentation. As you add new versions of documents to the system, a full version history is kept along with notes describing those changes. Along with the powerful document search engine, you can also browse through documents via the reference types.

System integrity is maintained via the user level security which allows an administrator to specify whether individual users can only view current document versions, all document versions and/or add new documents and versions to the system.

ChemSoft DMS provides: -

Easy to use interface

Infinitely extendible document reference types

Powerful document search and browse functions

Full version history with revision notes

TWAIN compliant document scanning function

User based document access levels
Ability to store documents in any electronic format (Word, PDF, RTF, etc)
Windows and/or Web front-end

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