Chemsoft Classification
ChemSoft Classification forms the core module of the ChemSoft suite of regulatory compliance modules.

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Supply Classification
ChemSoft Classification accurately calculates all regulatory information for preparations from a formulation containing combinations of single substances and intermediates. The systems regulatory databases are contained within this module and once a formulation has been classified, a compliant supply label is available.

Global Compliance
ChemSoft Classification utilises global regulatory databases, directives and regulations to ensure that accurate regulatory information is calculated and products are classified in compliance with the regulations of where the product is being sent to.

Rules Generation
In addition to the standard rules for classification, users may create their own classification calculations to allow for the addition of valid test data for products and raw materials.

External Data Sources
Formulation data, information on raw materials, physical data, toxicological data, ecotoxicity data and transport data can be either imported or ChemSoft EH&S will link directly to external data sources to allow automated data access from MRP/ERP systems.

Data Monitoring
Whenever there is a change to a product the impact on the classification must be considered. Changes may occur from a variation to formulation, receiving a revised classification from one of the substance manufacturers or a change to legislation.

ChemSoft Classification constantly monitors changes to substances, intermediates or new pieces of legislation that may affect the classification of a product. As soon as data has been changed the user is alerted via an on-screen menu advising them on how they should implement the change to any affected record. Users are given the option to globally update any affected products and allow the system to reclassify all affected records. These records will all receive new revision numbers and the changes will be logged and archived for future reference.

Users may also select to monitor the upgrade process and can select groups of records to update globally, then select individual records to manually update at a later date. Until the system has successfully completed the upgrade process, users will be warned that the classification may not be up to date each time they open a record that has not been reclassified.

Key Features

Calculates the classification for formulations from combinations of single substances and intermediates

Calculates obligatory Safety Phrases and guides users through the process of selecting the correct manufacturers Safety Phrase requirements

Provides an on-screen breakdown for all classifications displaying how the system has calculated the regulatory information

Provides a printable breakdown for all products showing how the system has calculated the regulatory information

Monitors data changes to ensure that classifications are always up to date and accurate

Displays information required to produce a legally compliant supply (or CHIP) label


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