ChemSoft Ltd is a team of highly experienced technical experts who provide a practical solution to regulatory compliance. At ChemSoft we rely on our vast experience in the Chemical Industry to ensure that we provide the highest level of support to solve the most demanding technical and regulatory problems.

The ChemSoft philosophy is to continually develop and maintain a high performance range of products that fully satisfies and anticipates the evolving needs of our customers.

We are dedicated to ensuring our employees have the skills and understanding to monitor UK, EU and International legislation allowing our customers access to the very latest information on Chemical Regulatory Compliance.

At ChemSoft we believe the only solution to achieving regulatory compliance is to provide a combination of accurate, flexible and reliable software along with the highest level of customer support.

ChemSoft Classification provides accurate regulatory interpretation updating every amendment as soon as legislation changes. We use global regulatory databases, directives and regulations to ensure that products are classified in compliance with the regulations of the country the product is being sent to.

With ChemSoft EH&S you choose only the modules you need. Within each of the modules documents can be configured to meet individual design requirements with total font, layout, graphical and file format control. ChemSoft EH&S can be run as a standalone desktop application or run across a local-area network (LAN) or global/corporate wide-area (WAN) network.

We are recognised as market leaders in supplying regulatory compliance systems. We maintain our proven track record in delivering solutions that fully meet the needs of all our customers by relying on our specialist knowledge, expert skills and team of dedicated professionals.

We pride ourselves on providing the highest levels of customer support with all ChemSoft software systems. Our highly skilled team of experts maintain customer satisfaction by offering extensive technical and regulatory support and professional software training so that you can maximise the software’s capabilities.


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We hope our new website provides you with an insight into our business, products and services.

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