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About Chemsoft the MSDS Software company

ChemSoft is a team of highly experienced technical experts who specialise in regulatory compliance. At ChemSoft we rely on our vast experience in the Chemical Industry to ensure that we provide the highest level of support to solve the most demanding technical and regulatory problems.

The ChemSoft philosophy is to continually develop and maintain a high performance range of software products, training systems and consultancy services that fully satisfy and anticipate the evolving needs of our customers.

We are dedicated to ensuring our employees have the skills and understanding to monitor UK, EU and International legislation allowing our customers access to the very latest information on Chemical Regulatory Compliance.

At ChemSoft we believe the only solution to achieving regulatory compliance is to provide a combination of accurate, flexible and reliable software, along with access to training and consultancy services, allied with excellent customer support.

The ChemSoft software solutions provide accurate regulatory interpretation with a regular programme of updates and amendments to follow the legislative requirements. We monitor global regulatory databases, directives and regulations to enable our software solutions to be updated and this allows the users of the software to produce data and documentation in in compliance with the regulatory requirements of the countries covered by the client specific software solution implementation.

With the ChemSoft EH&S software solution you choose only the modules or configuration that you need. ChemSoft EH&S software solution can be run as a standalone desktop application or run across a local-area network (LAN) or global/corporate wide-area (WAN) network as appropriate to the individual site requirements and subject to the licensed system specification.

We are recognised as market leaders in supplying regulatory compliance systems. We maintain a proven track record for delivering solutions that meet the needs of our customers by relying on our specialist knowledge, expert skills and team of dedicated professionals.

We pride ourselves on providing excellent levels of customer support with all ChemSoft software systems. Our highly skilled team of experts maintain customer satisfaction by offering extensive technical and regulatory support and professional software training, that is configured to meet individual client requirements and needs, so that you can maximise the software’s capabilities.



The REACH (Registration, Evaluation and Authorisation of Chemicals) Regulation (EC) No 1907/2006 entered into force on 1 June 2007.

ChemSoft Safety Data Sheets comply with Annex II of REACH (Regulation 453/2010).


CLP is Regulation EC 1272/2008 on the Classification, Labelling and Packaging of substances and mixtures. This Regulation brings previous EU legislation in line with the GHS (Globally Harmonised System).

ChemSoft Classification modules provide accurate classification of substances and mixtures using the EU and GHS Classification systems.

MSDS compliance for the US

In addition to our market leading EU compliance software ChemSoft EH&S offers software modules to provide fully compliant MSDS’s for the United States.

MSDS’s are produced in the ANSI format and contain all the required inventories such as TSCA, CalProp65, SARA titles and state specific RTK’s.

Our classification modules enable users to produce data to meet the regulatory requirements of both substances and preparations to produce a fully compliant, complete Safety Data Sheet (SDSs) and Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDSs).

For more information on how your company can achieve truly global compliance with the ChemSoft EH&S Software please call

+44 (0) 1244 329660 and ask to speak to one of our regulatory specialists.